Become a Member Today and Support Michigan Aquaculture

If you are an aquaculture producer or are otherwise involved with the aquaculture industry, we encourage you to become a Michigan Aquaculture Association (MAA) Member by downloading, filling out, and returning our membership form.

If you are already an MAA member but have not renewed for this year, please renew your annual membership today!

There are three levels of Membership in the Association:

  1. Sustaining Member – This is an Active voting membership with the Member making an additional financial contribution to support the work of the Association; $100.
  2. Active Member – Regular voting membership.  We encourage all active aquaculture producers and aquaculture professionals  to join at this level or to consider a Sustaining Membership; $50.
  3. Associate Member – Non-Voting membership.  This membership is for persons interested in aquaculture or who are not directly involved in the industry at this time; $25.

Your membership dues help make the work of the Association possible.

Membership Form