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Michigan Aquaculture Association (MAA)

c/o Dan Vogler, MAA President
Harrietta Hills Trout Farm, LLC
1681 South 7 1/2 Road
Harrietta, MI  49638

Phone: 231-389-2514


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  1. At the seafood summit today 2015 Aquaculture GAAMPS were referenced. Where can I find those? They are not posted on MDARD RTF website and I am not able to find them online. Thanks!

  2. We have Yellow Perch Fingerlings For Sale!

    Will Allen Farms ( offers 3″ – 7″ Yellow Perch Fingerlings that are feed-trained and raised in a bio-secure environment. Pricing is based on quantity purchased. To purchase fingerlings or for additional information please contact Tom Schmitt: 414-852-2421, Sales: 414-333-3524 or

  3. I am interested in starting up a salmon farm in Michigan. Why is no one doing it today, what are the hurtles? Can you direct me to persons who can help me understand the challenges.


    • Louis,
      there are many reasons that aquaculture in general has not yet taken off yet in Michigan. We believe that there is very strong potential for commercial aquaculture in Michigan and encourage those that are interested to get into the conversation. One of the best resources for information is Dr. Chris Weeks, Regional Aquaculture Extension Specialist, with the North Central Regional Aquaculture Center. He is located at Michigan State University and is a great resource. For information about Michigan’s regulatory structure for aquaculture, contact Dr. Nancy Barr at the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

  4. I wish to join Michigan Aquaculture Association as I am currently a Fulbright Visiting Fellow at the University of Michigan. My research focuses on socio-ecological aspects of integrated aquaculture in relation to food security, water management, and climate change.

    I would be grateful to be a member of Michigan Aquaculture Association.

  5. I ‘am seriously considering investing in a commercial aquaculture operation in the northern lower . Concerns regarding licensing through our lovely DNR . Do u recommend anyone for consulting purposes . I would like to keep everything in state . Please e-mail me with any information you have on the matter


    Mr . Brian G. Wideman

    • Brian, your first point of contact with the State of Michigan should be with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. MDARD is the agency that licenses aquaculture facilities, not DNR. Dr. Nancy Barr is the Aquaculture Program Manager and can provide you with the information that you need to get started.

  6. I am interested in your course… please contact me with your next workshops or semenars … and updates, Please add me to your mailing list. I will be submitting a membership form.

    and i do like to regester for the up comming workshop/seminar at the livonia, mi

    please send me the information
    thank you

  7. I am interested in your course… please contact me with your next yrs … updates us casinos that take mastercard

  8. I am interested in joining the association.

    Based on information available on the DNR website, it appears that farming paddlefish in Michigan for food and caviar production is possible. Do you have suggestions for contacts with the State of Michigan, University of Michigan, of Michigan State that I could discuss these possibilities with?

    I am primarily interested in exploring the possibilities of raising paddlefish in private ponds and lakes.

    Any suggestions you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

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  9. my wife and I would both like to do this is it. could somebody please call me back with information on how to do this please. my phone number is= 513 967-5089.

  10. Would it be ok if I cite a few of your articles if I give credit and sources back to michiganaquaculture.
    org? My blog is on the exact same focus as
    yours and my readers could easily benefit from a lot of the resources you
    offer here. Feel free to let me know if this would be

  11. Please add me to your mailing list. I will be submitting a membership form. Thanks! us online casinos echeck

  12. Hello,
    Researching a food production business like aquaculture especially one that could converted to an urban setting…

  13. I am a representative for Superior Aquaculture Systems, a Lake Superior State University project developing aquaculture systems to support prawn. How do we become members of the association and do you have any advice for a startup in this field?

    • Thanks for your interest Alex. We have added new links throughout our website (including this page) to make it easier to find our registration information. I have seen the SAS video on YouTube, very nice marketing for aquaculture. Hope to meet you at the meeting on the 7th of February

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  14. I would like to become a member of the Michigan Aquaculture Association but I could not figure out how to join from the website. Please email the details how to join. I am involved with a commercial aquaponics venture in Livonia Michigan called Aqua Growers LLC. Thanks!

    Ken Chio
    Aqua Growers LLC

    • Ken, thank you for your interest in the Michigan Aquaculture Association. You can access the Membership Form by hovering your cursor over “About Us”, a drop-down menu will appear with “Membership Form” at the bottom; select this. Membership information and instructions are provided. Please download the PDF to print, fill out and mail to the address on the form. Please let us know if you have any difficulty with this.

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