Sep 032014
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Bell Aquaculture LLC, and Will Allen Farms LLC announced a partnership today in cooperation with theUniversity of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences to continue to provide the highly popular Yellow Perch to the Midwest. This group has a synergistic vision to provide quality, healthy food to the future of humanity using sustainable, ecologically sound methods. Will Allen Farms LLC has established a Yellow Perch fingerling farm located on site at Bell Farms™ inAlbany, Indiana. The farm will be critical to maintaining supply of this high demand fish to the Midwest through markets spread across the region and country.  Read more …

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USDA_logoIdentifying juvenile and adult yellow perch females from males is no longer an obstacle for aquaculture producers of this high-value fish, thanks to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists. A new step-by-step procedure developed by the scientists makes it easier to separate fish by gender for growth performance, physiological studies and to manage broodstocks for reproduction and genetic selection.

Physiologist Brian Shepherd and his colleagues at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Dairy Forage and Aquaculture Research Unit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, developed the systematic method to segregate yellow perch females from males during early growth stages. Because females tend to grow faster and larger than males, females could often be mistaken for males when being selected for genetic improvement prior to reproductive maturity. Previously, it was extremely difficult to identify gender until fish matured (up to two years).  Read more …

Mar 272012

Bell Aquaculture
Bell Aquaculture is one of the first companies in Indiana to implement a new emergency energy conservation program introduced in 2011 by AEP-Indiana Michigan Power. The Redkey-based company, operating the nation’s largest yellow perch farm, has installed smart meters and control systems for standby generating equipment to provide for all its power needs during an energy emergency. Read more …

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