Mar 262014

Aquaculture, also known as aqua-farming, is a growing industry.

Whiskers Catfish Farm in Plano, Kentucky, raises catfish and other sport fish, along with providing lake and pond management training across the mid-South.

“Aquaculture’s really been my whole working career. I went to graduate school in aquaculture and biology in the 70s, and then I worked for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for about seven years, and then we started this private fish hatchery,” said farm operator and owner Ken Jacobs.  Read more …

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Jan 312014

Aqua GrowersFollowing another successful Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) seminar in October, Aqua Growers is pleased to announce the “Growing Your Dream Basic Aquaponics Technology” Seminar on March 7-9, 2014 with Charlie Shultz in Livonia, MI.  Early registration is now open with discounts offered to those that register now with only a $100 deposit and the balance due by February 15, 2014.  Discounts of 35% off the regular price is also available to students, in addition multiple registration discount to 2 or more from same company or household (please see registration form for details).

The early registration discount for the “Growing Your Dream” Basic Aquaponics Technology Seminar with R. Charlie Shultz ends on February 15th, 2014.  Be sure to take advantage of the discount by registering now and securing your seat.  After February 15th registration will be the normal price of $700.  If you are a student….take advantage of our student discount of 35%.  Multiple discounts for participants registering 2 or more from the same company or household is still $600 (even after February 15th).  Be sure to call now to get your registrations in before the deadline.  Take advantage of this offer by contacting Michele Wallace, Marketing Director/Event Planner, 248-756-8584 or for further information regarding this seminar including agenda and lodging information.

Dec 232013

NOAA aquaculture and environmentSpecific types of fish farming can be accomplished with minimal or no harm to the coastal ocean environment as long as proper planning and safeguards are in place, according to a new report from researchers at NOAA’s National Ocean Service.

The study, led by scientists at National Ocean Service’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS), evaluated the environmental effects of finfish aquaculture, including interactions with water quality, benthic habitats, and marine life across various farming practices and habitat types.

“We did this study because of concerns that putting marine finfish farms in the coastal ocean could have adverse effects on the environment,” said Dr. James Morris, NCCOS ecologist. “We found that, in cases where farms are appropriately sited and responsibly managed, impacts to the environment are minimal to non-existent.”  Read more …

Download cover and full report here.
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Sep 162013

As the seafood industry is having to increasingly rely on aquaculture for its raw material, so processing equipment suppliers are manufacturing more machines specifically for dealing with farmed fish.

Complete lines have now been developed for processing salmon, for example, where whole fish enter the line at one end and fixed weight portions ready packed for a supermarket shelf leave at the other.  Read more …

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May 152013

Cornell University is offering the 19th Annual Short Course Engineering Design of Recirculating Aquaculture (RAS), Hydroponic, and Aquaponic Systems July 15-19, 2013. See

Course description:

The first three days of this course (Monday-Wednesday) reviews the basic engineering principals behind a successful recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) design.  The objective of this section is to provide sufficient information so that the participant will be able to design, construct, and manage their own RAS system.  On the fourth day (Thursday), the fundamentals of growing plants using current state-of-the-art hydroponic techniques will be presented along with the design and management of these systems.  On Friday, Aquaponics as a combination of aquaculture (fish) and hydroponics (plants) will be covered and several design options explored. Basic principles of business management for the small family farm will also be reviewed by guest speaker Michael Finnegan, CEO Continental Organics LLC.

A “distance” learning opportunity for aquaculture only is also offered (see website for details).

At the conclusion of the workshop, individuals will have the essential information necessary to design their own systems and have a fundamental knowledge of the principles influencing the numerous design options.

In addition, a FARM TOUR will be made to Continental Organics Inc. (2 acres of hydroponics and a 100,000 lb./year tilapia system); see  for farm details (within 10 minutes of educational venue).

Location: Mount Saint Mary College
330 Powell Ave., Newburgh, NY  12550


Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Dr. Michael B. Timmons: Aquaculture & Business Management
Dr. Melissa Brechner: Hydroponics

Aquaculture Systems Technologies, New Orleans, LA
Dr. James M. Ebeling: Aquaculture/Aquaponics


Limited Enrollment, Tuition $1000 plus housing ($18/night single) usa deposit options for online casinos

Register by June 30, 2013

Text for Course: “Recirculating Aquaculture” by Timmons and Ebeling, included in course packet.

For more information

Dr. Michael B. Timmons,  or
607-255-1630; 607.227.5638 cell

Mary Cornell,  or  607-255-8596

Apr 242013 topgame casino

Nofima_SuperfreshAfter several years of research, Nofima has arrived at a packaging method that enables salmon to stay fresh for up to 20 days. Superfresh is the name of the packaging that Vartdal Plastindustrier is launching at the seafood fair in Brussels this week.

Briefly, Superfresh is a form of packaging in which salmon is placed on a CO₂ emitter consisting of baking powder and citric acid, among other things, and then packed in such a way that air is removed from the pack before it is sealed. This packaging method is called MAP, or Modified Atmosphere Packaging. With the Superfresh method, the salmon can stay fresh for up to 20 days at a constant low temperature, or 10-12 days at four degrees above zero.

The initial research was intended to find a packaging method specially designed for cod and salmon fillet, but the same method could also eventually be used for other types of fish and also for meat.

“After the pack is sealed, the cushion develops CO₂ gas and it also has absorbent properties. This CO2 emitter has been adapted for the product, so that it does not change the fish’s pH value, and sensory tests have also shown that the fish often has a higher quality than with comparable packaging methods,” says Marit Kvalvåg Pettersen, Senior Research Scientist at Nofima. She has been responsible for the research over the last few years.

Read moore …

Feb 012013

Trondheim, 28 January 2013
Aqua Nor partners with ACG usa online casinos for android

In order to better serve customers in North America, Aqua Nor has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Aquaculture Communications Group (ACG) in Canada and the United States, which has been designated Official North American Partner for Aqua Nor 2013. 

“By partnering with ACG, we hope to attract more visitors from Canada, the USA, Mexico and other countries in the Caribbean and Central America region, and to serve our customers in this region better” says Erik Hempel, Director of Communications for the Nor-Fishing Foundation, which owns and operates the aquaculture technology exhibition Aqua Nor. 

Aqua Nor is today the largest aquaculture technology exhibition in the world, and has been held in Trondheim, Norway, every other years since 1979. It is expected that about 500 – 550 exhibitors from more than 30 countries will participate in this year’s exhibition, which is held 13 – 16 August 2013. Between 15,000 and 20,000 visitors from over 60 countries are expected to attend the event.  rtg casino codes

“Modern North American cold-water aquaculture is to a large extent built on the science and technology developed for salmon farming in Norway,” comments Tor-Eddie Fossbakk, senior partner in ACG. “But over the years, the exhibition has developed into a much more comprehensive show that also focuses on other species and associated technologies. Consequently, it is very important for operators and investors from North America to attend this event to see new technologies and practices that they can adapt to their operations here. Aqua Nor is not ‘just a salmon farmers event’, it is a global aquaculture business, science and technology event.”

ACG is renowned for bringing ideas, people, and solutions together to enable innovation and successful business development. It is now recruiting participants for a number of tour options associated with the Aqua Nor event, for details please visit and go to Tours or click here to download the Aqua Nor Tour brochure. 

ACG is also preparing half-day & full-day tours for Friday and Saturday, 16 & 17 August, to enable show participants to visit facilities in the Trondheim area; information will be provided on the Aqua Nor website.

ACG will be at Aquaculture 2013 in Nashville, USA on 21-25 February 2013 (booth # 521) and at the International Boston Seafood Show on 10-12 March 2013 (booth # 1445) to hand out information and talk to delegates about Aqua Nor and the many planned activities. 

For further information, please contact:
Mr. Erik Hempel, Director of Communications, The Nor-Fishing Foundation.
Tel.: +47 9084 1124. E-mail: 
Mr. Tor-Eddie Fossbakk, Senior Partner, Aquaculture Communications Group.
Tel.: +1 248 305 9339. E-mail: 
Mr. Dave Conley, Senior Partner, Aquaculture Communications Group.
Tel: +1 613 294 3078. E-mail:
Dec 142012

There appears to be a renewed interest in land-based aquaculture (replacing cages). This seems to be driven in part as a means of addressing some of the concerns of special interest groups. Some have been distorting the dangers of ocean-based salmon farming making them appear to be far worse then the science shows. Claiming that fish farms endanger wild fish populations is very difficult to test (and prove) and some appear to distort data to support claims, all the while ignoring data that supports the opposite. Will land based farms address these issues?  Read more … slots to play

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