Sep 132013

A groundbreaking project off the west coast of Scotland will see wave energy being used to power the equipment on a salmon farm.

Marine Harvest Scotland has applied for permission to site a prototype device on its new site near the Isle of Muck.  Read more …

May 142013

Photo: Tor-Eddie Fossbakk – ACG

Nearly 85 percent of seafood enjoyed by U.S. consumers is imported, and almost half of that is farm raised through a process called “aquaculture,” according to the National Aquaculture Association, based in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. In 2011, the United States imported $16.6 billion of seafood and exported $5.4 billion, a difference of $11.2 billion.

Atlantic salmon is one of the major species grown in aquaculture, a process for raising aquatic species in a captive environment under controlled conditions. Recent ARS studies should help alleviate concerns about whether farm-raised salmon have less available omega-3s than salmon caught in the wild.

While eating seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids is known to reduce risk of heart disease, it has not been known whether the baking process causes loss of omega-3s in farm-raised Atlantic salmon. The researchers at Grand Forks demonstrated that baking salmon to the proper temperature does not decrease the content of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids in salmon.  Read more …

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Feb 062013

The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute in West Virginia has been experimenting with large-scale, on land salmon farming. The private non-profit is ready to release a report on its findings soon. Steven Summerfelt is the Institute’s director of Aquaculture Systems Research………………….

See url for full story and podcast of interview.

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