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Sep 262013

Factory robots are now mastering the fine art of filleting fish. Harry Westavik’s team at SINTEF Fisheries and Agriculture in Trondheim, Norway, is developing a system that can fillet farmed fish with the help of a laser that captures 3D colour images of the animal.

Algorithms analyse the images to work out the best place to cut, before a robot arm takes over. The system can be trained to distinguish between different species, allowing it to sort fish by type. It can also determine weight by estimating volume from images, then applying the typical density of a fish.  Read more …

Sep 162013

As the seafood industry is having to increasingly rely on aquaculture for its raw material, so processing equipment suppliers are manufacturing more machines specifically for dealing with farmed fish.

Complete lines have now been developed for processing salmon, for example, where whole fish enter the line at one end and fixed weight portions ready packed for a supermarket shelf leave at the other.  Read more …

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