Oct 132014

When Dan Vogler, Michigan’s largest commercial fish farmer, purchased the Grayling Fish Hatchery two years ago, the 45-year-old producer was widely viewed along the banks of northern Michigan’s Au Sable River as a civic hero. The 98-year-old hatchery, built to replenish the region’s grayling and rainbow trout fishery, closed in the 1960s, reopened in 1983, and then changed ownership and management three times in 30 years.

Vogler’s plan was to end decades of institutional uncertainty by expanding production of farmed trout for state markets while also ensuring that the stream of summer tourists to the historic hatchery could continue to feed and catch trout (50 cents an inch) in pools filled with the Au Sable’s famously clean and cold water.  Read more …

Aug 272014

Michigan took a big step forward this summer in the business of fish farming. The state issued a permit to expand the Grayling Fish Hatchery more than tenfold.The hatchery raises trout for restaurants and grocery stores.

The expansion comes as interest in fish farming is growing nationwide and there is now talk of going offshore into the open waters of the Great Lakes.  Read more …

Aug 202014

Helping farmers understand the animal agriculture industry and make informed decisions about livestock management is the goal of Ivy Tech’s new online certificate program for Indiana’s agriculture community.

Developed in partnership with the Indiana Soybean Alliance and Indiana Corn Marketing Council, this comprehensive 21-week online course can give anyone looking to add livestock, poultry or aquaculture to their operation the tools and knowledge they need to potentially run a successful livestock or aquaculture business.  Read more … rtg casino codes

Jul 172014
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Photo: Tor-Eddie Fossbakk/The Aquaculture Communications Group, LLC (ACG)

Photo: Tor-Eddie Fossbakk/The Aquaculture Communications Group, LLC (ACG)

The term aquaculture insurance describes fast running insurable interest that would be normally used to protect and aquaculture business operation. For a large aquaculture company this would include insurance protection for buildings and equipment, employees, stock, livestock, vessels and other insurable interests. Read more …

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