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Nike Why about the about About Us Page about Rocks: about It knows its about audience. We're eager to terms of service about learn more. Because of that, it feels like watching a making an appointment with a doctor about modern silent movie. Who about is this guy? That's a about tough balance to about get right. This how to contact us website started off as a photography blog founded by Garance Dor. Marc Ensign, bulldog Skincare, doomtree. As much as you about want as many eyeballs on your "About Us" about page as possible, you won't do business with every single one of them. His "About Me" page first tells his story about in about English, then in Japanese, then in Korean, then in Chinese. Below is the about actual "About Us" page, which is a gem once you get there. Our values are Patient focus, Transparency, Respect, Integrity. We go beyond testing, inspecting and about certifying products; we about are a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide. So, about skip the industry lingo - that's what Apptopia does on its "About Us" page. From our beginnings as a single store over forty years ago, in every place that about weve been, and about every place that we touch, we've tried to make it a little better than about we found. Your "About Us" page is one of the most important pages on your website, and it needs to be well crafted. The startup's simple but polished language effectively about delivery communicates the company's offering while still allowing the Average Joe to understand. It's that compelling content that's crucial to making inbound marketing work for your business. Alright, we might be biased in highlighting this professional, as Aja is our very about about own SEO strategist at HubSpot. Boasting big, bold elements about and sharp colors, this page excels at making a great first impression. The company makes leather upholstery for cars and trains, and its history and trajectory are equally fascinating. It's tough to establish one all-encompassing about template for your "About Us" page - there are just so many ways you can about go about telling your company story. This profile also return policy about happens to be one of the most commonly overlooked pages, which is why you should make it stand out. If your visitors arent impressed, you can expect them to leave without reading your awesome content or about completing a conversion action (e.g., signing up for your newsletter, making a purchase). You see everything in one go and decide for yourself what you take on your journey. As you scroll down, you discover about what Lonely Planet stands for, and their visual aid offers money back rules a preview of their services. Immediately, the user's eyes are drawn to a header that says, "It's about okay to make a mess, experiments can lead to beautiful things." Quite philosophical, for a place to have dinner. And your about page is the perfect platform for. But it's great to see a company embrace its own brand of quirk throughout the site. But sometimes, you don't always need about to wait for users to get there in order to make a statement. That's how you create memorable, lovable marketing. Each photo in the gallery is unique and personal. ToyFight is an award-winning creative design agency. We help them reinvent the way they work. Anton Irene is a design agency based in Manhattan. Marie Catrib's is a restaurant, so you might think their "About Us" page would be your typical "here's how we started, here's what we believe in, and here's our food" story. Scroll down about to find out about who about us they are, how to stay in touch and everything in between. Intertek about is an industry leader with more than 43,000 employees in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries. Which eyeballs are you here to serve? He also makes great use of over-sized text to bring attention to his work in a humorous manner. Kero One is a hip-hop artist and DJ from San Francisco, and his "About Me" page carries a valuable lesson to personal brands who cater to more than one audience - especially if those audiences speak different languages. Its also vegan about and certified by Cruelty Free International. It's not a band - it's a crew. But its a connection. Amnesty International is more than an NGO. Meet Bulldog Skincare, the company that aims to make skincare options dedicated to men readily available. Its not often that you see an About page that puts so much emphasis on its meet the team section. As users discover your brand, they need to distinguish what sets you apart and makes you you. The organization is on a "mission conditions for regular customers sure, about but there's also an "essence" of Refinery29, a "promise" it keeps, and a "vibe" it gives off. For a remarkable about page, all you need to do is figure out about your company's unique identity, and then share it with the world. The main purpose of your About Us page is to give visitors a glimpse into the identity of either a person or about business. Tates About Us states that their mission is to increase the publics enjoyment of British art and international modern and contemporary art. Contain social proof, testimonials, and some personal information that viewers can relate to such as education, family, etc. Using descriptive and emotive copy and gorgeous graphics, an "About Us" page with a story works harder for your business than a generic one. This is an important number to know for her potential video advertisers and collaborators who want to know how much exposure about they'd get by working with her or advertising on her channel. This professional content creator has an eclectic collection of videos related to technology and culture, and expresses that diversity all over her "About Me" page. This speaks volumes to the value honesty and humbleness can play to your customers. Want to stay in touch? Building a website is, in many ways, an exercise of willpower. Will it be their apps, about their printed guides, or their website? So said, so done. How can you convince men to delve into skincare? It's amazing what impression you can make on site visitors just by creatively telling your story with words alone. Their About Us page stands out because they used handwritten type. One minute of video is worth.8 million words, according to Forrester Research's. You had me at hello. Yellow Leaf Hammocks tells users about its product by describing how the hammocks empower artisan weavers and their families. Each member is portrayed with a short description and an almost full-body shot, complete with their social media accounts. Here is a man with great respect for wood and handcrafted sculptures that tell a story and testify to the richness of one of our most precious resources. Nonetheless, the ingenuity she brings to the company isn't lost on her website's "About Me" page. The brands About Page is filled with uplifting stories of impeccable craftsmanship and tight-knit communities. The company breaks down different pieces of the story into sections that combine words and easily digestible graphics, painting a picture instead of big chunks of text. Originally about published Nov about 18, 2018 11:11:00 PM, updated January 31 2019 Topics: Website Design Examples Don't forget to share this post! Perhaps whats striking about this page is that it introduces Gummisigs portfolio, but also reflects service rules his free spirit and commitment. Ready to contribute about about to the discussion? While he proudly states the companies he has worked for (ikea is just one of the bigger names to pop up) he does so in a manner that is not boastful. Aja Frost Why the "About Me" Page Rocks: It's data-driven. "About Us" pages might encompass the values of more than one person or entity, but they're no more important to the image of a business than your personal about page. Their entire website is a technological marvel. Marc Ensign Why the "About Me" Page Rocks: It's funny but professional. Marketers know there's value to keeping a casual tone in the content they create, but in order to attract customers, you need to prove you have discipline and integrity. Were on a mission to help professionals advance their businesses and gain competitive advantage with the trusted answers only we can provide. Maybe this lightbulb developer was founded on a commitment to environmental protection, and every bulb the company makes was built by people who are dedicated to making the world more energy-efficient. Its tempting to get distracted by the bells and whistles of the design process, and forget all about creating compelling content. What about are you here to do? Our goal is to be one of the worlds most innovative, best performing and trusted healthcare companies. Right on its homepage. Know your audience, and make it obvious to that audience the instant they read about you on your website. What was your idea? However, it still provides enough guidance for browsing the website and even contributing. Who doesnt love a good bio? In addition to the vibrant self-portrait at the top of the page, Sara's first sentence tells you just how many people subscribe to her channel: working time 350,000. Doomtree Why the "About Us" Page Rocks: Its shows, tells, and has a soundtrack. Especially one that starts with I was born in good ol Madison, Wisconsin. When about finishing your "About Us" page, describe who you are as a person or a team, and what your personal values are. Some about have long pink hair, others a bushy beard or big glasses. It doesnt always have to tell the whole story, but it should at least provide people with an idea of who and what you are. Why should your website visitors care? The simple yet impactful mission statement and the candid employee photographs make this About page refreshingly different. By reducing cost and minimizing health, safety, and security risks. Scroll down to discover his preferred action items. We are Thomson Reuters. In addition to the visual delight, the page is also interactive and engaging. Why are they a distinctive web presence? It primes visitors for a story in a way that makes them immediately feel something. So, are you ready to go? Your About Us page is vital. This quickly about becomes your guide to finding the products that will help you look and feel your best. What makes you different? That's part of breaking the mold to showcase your company's personality. If you were a super awesome video business, what medium would you choose to show people what you do? So, isolate the milestones prior your company's founding, and use them to give readers some backstory about on your current venture. Outline our company story.


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Terms of payment

shall by opened with the terms _in favour terms of payment Seller for the amount of payment the Ready-for-use Payment. Payment FOR THE goods payment Payment for the Goods shipped against payment the present Contract to be effected against Letter of Credit opened by the Buyers through in _ in favour in the Sellers with _ bank and payment confirm by _ bank against. Can be applied and payment unilateral reservations. Invoices for the goods payment shipped to be made out for each consignment of the goods in accordance with the specimen attached. The Seller should submit the above said documents to the Bank for payment not terms later than 10 days after shipment payment of the goods. "terms OF terms payment" russian translation terms of payment, see also: Examples: children's clothing wholesale Odessa is 7 km away and our online store that cares about each client, offering a wide range of quality products, reasonable price and favorable terms of payment and delivery. The said 3 remain clocked and are returned in full or in part 180 days after the crossing of the border by the last consignment. To confirm the price. The Buyer, on receipt from the Seller's shipping advice, shall open an irrevocable Letter of Credit with the Bank of China, in favor of the Seller for the total value of shipment 25-30 days prior to the date of delivery. C.: As a matter of fact weve got your price-list here. _ in _ Advance payment. Quality Certificate drawing up by the Seller in duplicate. 3) on an open account. Practical International Trade, written by Liyu Zhang. Payment of the balance amount of 75 of the value of the present contract terms is to be effected through _ within _ days after receiving copies of documents, payment mentioned below:. Seller shall have the right to assign its rights regarding the collection terms of amounts payable to Seller under the Agreement to a party, after prior notification to Buyer. ( ii) In the case of services other than staff services, the nature of the services, the period covered, the conditions of fulfilment, the amount and terms of payment. If the pre-payment is delayed more then 50 days, the seller will be entitled to break the present contract, and losses connected with non-performance of the present contract to be born by the buyer. What is a draft? Original of the "Clean on Board" Bill of Loading in triplicate and 3 copies issued in the name of the Consignee, according to the Appendix. The terms of payment of the contract state that Khalifa was required to make progress payments to the subcontractor within 14 days of the Employer's payment to the main contractor. Contract: terms OF payment. Payment is to be effected against the following documents:. To pay on demand/on an open account. Invoice in triplicate;. The Letter of Credit to be valid for 90 days and to be opened upon receiving the Sellers' notification of the readiness of goods for shipment. The Seller instruct the Buyer as to necessity of insurance of the return defective goods. The payment is made by D/P after 60 days sight. Inspection certificate of quality and quantity. The costs involved in effecting payment for collection are twice or three times lower than those by letter of credit. In terms of currency risk, the interests of the parties do not coincide - the exporter seeks to fix the chain in relatively stable currency, and the importer, on the contrary, is interested in setting the price in the currency, subject to depreciation.

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