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Aug 222014

USDA NIFA logoScientists from the USDA/Agricultural Research Service and the USDOI/Fish and Wildlife Service, have revised and added additional ingredients to Nutrient Digestibility Database.  The project started in 2005 and is designed to evaluate traditional, new or modified feed ingredients for the availability of nutrients to rainbow trout and hybrid striped bass.  All the experiments include diets manufactured under commercial conditions (cooking extrusion) and standardized methods so comparisons over time and among ingredients can be made. A more detailed explanation of the projects purpose, methods and results can be found in an excel spreadsheet that can be downloaded from:

The information includes pages for: Project Description, Procedures, Reference Diet Formulations, Nutrient Composition of Ingredients, Apparent Digestibility Coefficients (ADC’s) Trout, ADC’s Hybrid Striped Bass, Total and Digestible Nutrients Trout, Total and Digestible Nutrients Hybrid Striped Bass, ADC’s grouped by type of Ingredient for Trout, Anti-nutrients for some ingredients, Acknowledgements, and Contacts for further information.

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