Jul 112014

2014-0710 Aquafeed front pageHere is your personal copy of  the Summer 2014 issue of  Aquafeed: Advances in Processing & Formulation;  we hope you find it interesting and informative.
In this issue:

  • New optimization techniques and their impact on resource management
  • Modulation in fish gut health transcriptome as a consequence of sodium butyrate supplementation
  • Understanding yeast
  • Fishmeal and fish oil shortage: consider algae
  • Density control system wins Aquafeed Innovation Award
  • Disease management in Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture systems
  • MrFeed: A fermentation product as a feed ingredient for aquaculture
  • Online formulating in the cloud
  • Product update
  • Calendar of Events

Click here to download your copy or visit  Aquafeed.com and download from here: http://www.aquafeed.com/nl-archive-feedlink.php

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