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May 202013

Four thousand years ago, Egyptian fish farmers raised tilapia in ponds along the Nile as a protein accompaniment to the breads, lentils, dates, figs and other rustic foods that graced their tables.

Two thousand years ago, the fishermen of Galilee, including the apostles of Jesus Christ, sailed and rowed on the Sea of Galilee to cast their nets for tilapia to feed their families and sell in markets. The fish, a.k.a. musht, likely played a lead role in the New Testament story of the “Miracle of the Loaves and the Fishes.”

With tilapia, Gustafson-Byrne picked a worthy fish. Next to carp, tilapia is said to be the world’s most farmed fish. While practically unknown in this country a decade ago, Americans now consume 475 million pounds of tilapia annually, most of it farmed in China and Latin America.  Read more …

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