Cornell University and Michigan State University  will conduct a 2.5 day Worskhop on: Engineering Design of Recirculating Aquaculture (RAS), Hydroponic, and Aquaponic Systems Short Course, November 29-30, December 1, 2012. which online casino pays the best

The Classroom course location is Dundee Michigan at the Cabellas Outdoor Store.  The course will cover the engineering design, operation, and management of water reuse systems with additional coverage of hydroponics and aquaponics.  At the conclusion of the course, individuals should be able to design their own water reuse systems and have a fundamental knowledge of the principles influencing design decisions.  Two farm tours are included (one to Aqua Growers in Livonia MI and the research facility of the Aquaculture Research Company in Tecumseh MI).

Early-registration is $500 per person with discounts for multi-party groups.  More information on the short course can be found here:


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