Jun 212012

Kofi Annan left a deep impression on world aquaculture leaders when spoke this morning, June 12 2012, on how aquaculture can contribute to feeding nine billion people by 2050.

He was addressing the fully-subscribed global aquaculture business conference AquaVision 2012 in Stavanger, Norway. Read more …

Anyone interested in attending Aqua Vision 2014, please contact The Aquaculture Communications Group, LLC, in Novi, Michigan, USA.

  One Response to “Aquaculture gains top level recognition as a contributor to future food production”

  1. Personally i believe aquaculture can do best than it is doing today. However the limited funding of this sector especially in Africa still limits its progress. Not many farmers have opted for this venture because of the perception that it is an expensive venture and thus has been left as an investment sector for the rich. It is not surprising that in my own country it is only the politicians who have accumulated a lot of money end up investing in this sector and this not not giving a positive example to the other farmers that wold have interest in he sector.
    it is not until the the African governments appreciated the contribution of fish farming to food security and thus encourage investment in this sector that we shall realize the dream of fish being the chief source of proteins.

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