Michigan Aquaculture Association

Production Raceways

Trout production raceways on a Michigan farm

The Michigan Aquaculture Association (MAA) represents producers of fish and seafood that are grown in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner. The MAA supports and promotes a well developed and sustainable aquaculture industry in the State of Michigan, through building partnerships between the industry, universities, public agencies, and consumers.

Current Michigan aquaculture activities focus on raising fish for use as bait, stocking ponds, fee fishing, and food. Whereas the major focus used to be on producing sport fish for stocking and angling pursuits, changing population demographics and greater consumer interest in healthy diets point to future growth in producing fish for human consumption.

Worldwide, aquaculture now provides more than 55% of the fish we consume and the United States currently imports 92% of its seafood, contributing to a national seafood trade deficit of over $14 billion annually.

Michigan is well positioned to expand aquaculture production. With an ample water supply and close proximity to the population centers of the U.S. and Canada, aquaculture can be expanded to provide revenue and jobs throughout the state. With a targeted, systematic, and sustainable growth plan, aquaculture can become a major agricultural contributor to the state and add to the strength of our “locally grown” markets.

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